Friday, March 03, 2006

Latest Lib Dem 'Focus'

The latest Lib Dem focus leaflet was greeted with much amusment recently at the Burgess Hill Uncovered offices.

A bold title on the front reads 'Car Parking - action at last'
The headline is regarding local authority parking enforcement being introduced in Mid-Sussex. The councillors will tell you that it's a great thing for Burgess Hill, as cars will no longer park where they shouldn't be parking. For those that like to look deeper into the actions of the local councils, you'll be of the opinion that it's just another money making scheme by the district council as they want to have more money to waste on top of what they do with our council tax.

Now, with every major story, you usually get a picture to accompany it. Those bright sparks at the local Lib Dem HQ really outdone themselves this time, with the subject matter being about parking, they chose to have two councillors standing by a parked car in lower Church road!

The two councillors pictured are husband and wife team Graham and Sue Knight. The description for the picture says that they are looking at traffic parked in Lower Church road. Do they think we are blind or stupid, they have their backs to a vehicle, and are smiling directly at the camera! Not much looking at parked cars going on there, just an excuse to get their picture circulated to 1000's of people in the town.

What can we look forward to in the next issue? Graham and Sue Knight pictured on their knees next to some dog poo, with broad smiles, as they investigate the problem of owners not cleaning up after their pets?