Monday, February 04, 2008

Burgess Hill School For Girls Exposed

I've been searching for Burgess Hill videos on YouTube quite frequently in recent weeks as I work towards expanding the videos featured on Burgess Hill Uncovered

This weekend I found VIDEO GOLD in the form of a recording made at Burgess Hill School for Girls. For those of you that don't know, Burgess Hill School for Girls is a private educational establishment where the wealthy send their girls to recieve the finest education in the land.

But did these parents know that their daughters were being educated on all the various slang words for the female genetalia?

The video uploaded to YouTube features the girls, dressed in their school uniform, in a classroom, reeling off all these words for your viewing pleasure.

Someone is in for a good telling off when the teachers at the school realise that the false reputation they have has been exposed by their own pupils!

You can read the office news report on this story at the Burgess Hill Uncovered News section


Anonymous said...

Anyone with a sense of decency would have recognised that this was nothing more than a minor incident of immature behaviour from some very ordinary young girls. Such behaviour is of course unacceptable, but the behaviour of those who subject CHILDREN to humiliation and torment by the deliberate and spiteful "out of all proportion" publicity you have given this "story" goes beyond unacceptable. It is simply despicable.
Furthermore, if you wish to criticise an educational method, fine. But first.. be sure of your facts (no, this is not a school that caters solely to the wealthy by any means) and secondly ask yourself whether your own education could not perhaps have included a few more lessons in commonsense and decency. The only reputation damaged here is your own I'm afraid. (State school educated and Burgess Hill resident)

S.McCarthy said...

If the school felt it was simply "an incident of immature behaviour from some very ordinary young girls" then I am sure they wouldn't have come out and said that they are taking the matter very seriously, and indeed gone as far as to SUSPEND those who appeared in the video, as I am lead to belive they have

The publicity has come from the mainstream media outlets - the likes of The Argus and The Sun. Maybe you should take up your gripes with them?

Your point about the reputation being damaged is the most absurd thing I have heard in a long long time. Visitors to the site went through the roof due to this story, and I think you will find it is the first step in the road to the site becoming a lot more prominent in the town

Anonymous said...

How do you justify continuing to display the recognisable image of a child supposedly involved in this story?

This is precisely where your actions are despicable and go beyond the limits of acceptable media coverage. Fear not, were the likes of the Sun or the Argus to do the same, I would have a gripe with them too. You will find, however, that they were able to report the story without resorting to perpetuating the public humiliation of the children involved. In this, you seem to have completely missed the point.

Moral reasoning aside for a moment, have you paid any thought whatsoever to the legalities of publishing the child's picture without permission?

As for prominence.. I think the term "notorious" may be more apt.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear Human and Proud. "we don't disagree that we may have made more out of it than was strictly necessary" kind of says it all really doesn't it?

Personally, I don't think that many parents are going to take too much notice of the rantings of a 25 year old who uses images of Adolf Hitler alongside his scribblings, and who publishes pornography on his supposed "public information" website.

Anonymous said...

"As for prominence.. I think the term "notorious" may be more apt."

Good enough.

Anonymous said...

Try to have some proper news! You don't expect private schooled students not to know swearwords!? ridiculous! they probably learn it from the crap that i've seen people shout at them.
Write a report on THAT.

Anonymous said...

people should right inportant news,not about some students atprivate school who swore on video