Monday, February 16, 2009

Shooting in Burgess Hill

On Thursday evening I was tending to my usual administration tasks in the Burgess Hill Uncovered offices, outside I could hear the sound of a helicoptor which seemed to be circling overhead for a good hour or so. I merely put it down to a lost dog or something equally as minor, a lost child perhaps.

Imagine my surprise the next morning when I received an email revealing that a man had been shot in the head in West Street! It seems that victim only suffered a flesh wound, and is out of hospital already. Burgess Hill news fans will know that another shooting took place in West Street not so long ago as well, was this the same house? Was the victim the same man? What could be the motive to want to shoot someone in Burgess Hill?

Worrying times indeed, especially when you consider this shooting took place not that far from the Burgess Hill Uncovered Offices.

Further Reading: Mid Sussex Times - Man Shot At Burgess Hill


Anonymous said...

they wernt related and it wasnt the same man

Anonymous said...

just for the record both shootings are related and both attempts were on the same individual