Monday, June 08, 2009

Gordon the Gorilla snubbed for Burgess Hill event.

Saturday June 6th was town day in the Burgess Hill Summer Festival program. This occasion includes a parade through the town centre which this year carried the theme of science, discoveries, and innovation.

Occording to the Mid Sussex Times website the parade opener was a mascot race run down Church Road featuring, among others, Eagles Alice and Peter from Crystal Palace FC. Burgess Hill is part of South London, who knew?

Getting to my point, where was the invite for Gordon the Gorilla? How ignorant of the organisers to not invite Gordon to participate. Having a mascot race without Gordon is like Pancake day without Jif Lemon. Gordon has enjoyed his share of media coverage over the years as well as being a predominate part of the Burgess Hill Uncovered website.

So why was Gordon excluded? Surely it couldn't be because Gordon represents a website that isn't afraid to point out some of the shortfallings of Burgess Hill, could it?

If that is not the case, then I'd love to know the reason why festival organisers didn't send an invite Gordon's way.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Gordon wasn't invited because he has been a bit lazy recently and lost his investigative edge? Given his namesakes recent performance he should be wary of being upstaged by other members of the Burgess Hill Webteam, and should consider a reshuffle. The resultant publicity would also provide a welcome boost to the website and provide impetus for the campaign to give Gordon the mascot status he deserves.

Anonymous said...

so where was jockey bears invite.
jockey bear ran in the mascot derby at brighton racecourse. representing newmarket.
jocky bear would have come down to burgess hill and given gordon a race.
still gordon you could always enter the newmarket mascot guineas race. we have 1000 packets of golden wonder crisps for the winner .entry fee is £25.
check out
for more info
we should get lots of media coverage for this so it would be good to see burgess hills own famous mascot enter.
all the best
jockey bear