Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bedelands Farm want fines for dog poo

The Friends of Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve want Mid Sussex District council to envoke their Dog Control powers as the amount of dog excrement found in the area is increasing. The volunteers spend many hours on the upkeep of the site and aren't happy with the owners that don't pick up their dog's mess. If Mid Sussex District Council do decide to flex their muscles, it could mean dog owners facing fines of around £75 if they are caught not clearing up after their dogs.

How such an enforcement can be made over such a vast area is an interesting subject to ponder, we here at Burgess Hill Uncovered have done that have have compiled a list of ways to cure the dog mess problem at the Burgess Hill Nature Reserve.


Anonymous said...

The complaints are not just about dog poo but about uncontrolled dogs causing problems to other users of the reserve and worrying sheep. Part of the reserve needs regular grazing to keep the grassland in its "natural" state - however because of the problems with sheep being killed or injured farmers are unwilling to graze the land.