Sunday, December 27, 2009

White Grit! Who are they trying to kid?

So the car parks in Mid Sussex were treated with 'White Grit' and 'every effort was made to make the car parks as safe as possible' according to a Mid Sussex District Councillor. So, how do they explain that there was thick snow/slush/ice at the Orchards car park in Haywards Heath until Wednesday morning when a machine was finally brought in to plough it away?

We hear a lot about needing to support the local traders, and it tests us enough by having the pay huge parking fees for a small selection of shops, let alone having to battle the elements. Yet MSDC don't appear to have done anything to support the traders from what I've seen personally of the local car parks. IF this white grit had been laid, then it certainly didn't work.

I think the district council have majorly let down the local traders during the busiest shopping period of the year and additionally they have unlogically affected their own income from the car parks as people weren't able to park like usual. Back in the Summer it was reported in the media that MSDC have had a shortfall in income from car parks, so you'd have thought they'd have done everything possible to make the car parks usable, but it seems no one wants to take responsibility, and that there appears to be a total lack of common sense to sort out the problem as it happened.

Even with a lack of grit, how difficult would it have been to send out a team to go to the local car parks with shovels to clear the snow? If they had removed it when it was fresh, it would have been an easy job and would have avoided the six inch high mounds of ice that were to be found in places like the Orchards car park on Tuesday afternoon, nearly a full 5 days after the main fall of snow.

Lazy, incompetent, clueless, are just some of the words that come into my head when I think about MSDC at a time like this.

Am I wrong?

Oh, and I won't waste my breath on West Sussex County Council, check out this facebook group to enjoy moans of other people!
West Sussex County Council - This is a disgrace !!!


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