Monday, November 08, 2010

Man's Arm Impaled on Park Bench

Disaster during a trip to St Johns Park.

I spotted a broken park bench....

I wish that I'd reported it, for on my way back from town, an innocent chap had impaled his arm on the broken support.

He's now going to sue the council for thousands of pounds and probably go on holiday to Las Vegas to watch Celine Dion perform at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

If you're not foolish, then you'll have realised that this incident didn't actually happen, although I do wonder how long it will be until someone spots the money making opportunity in this dangerous bench. The council might want to get a move on and fix it.

As for who broke it, I blame the pensioners. Why not!


Anonymous said...

And have you taken 30 seconds to report it to the Council?

Burgess Hill Webteam said...

The council will be aware of it.
Visitor logs to the blog show that the MSDC network visits this site at least 2 times a day monday-friday.