Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All quiet at the BHU offices???

Hello Readers

Things may have gone quiet on Burgess Hill Uncovered recently, but there is a good reason for this......

The website is undergoing some coding changes and a mass reorganisation of content, it will have a slightly new look too. Basically Burgess Hill Uncovered will look more modern and should prove to be a more pleasant browsing experience for our ever-growing army of visitors.

Speaking of which, we've actually stepped up our social media efforts and have quickly grown the amount of members from 60 to 230 on our Facebook 'fan' page (Have you joined yet) We post links on our Facebook page to alert our members of any new content on the main website and this very blog, we've seen an nice increase in visitors as a result, in fact, the blog is doing its highest numbers yet.

The updates should be complete within the next seven days. Things are about to get interesting....