Friday, January 21, 2011

Burgess Hill Fairtrade Anthem Released

Oh my!

Exciting times here at the Burgess Hill Uncovered offices as an email came through with a link to the Burgess Hill Fairtrade Festival Website. On the loading of the page, music pumped out of computer's 5.1 surround sound system. At first I thought I'd been given a link to a church website, but no, it turned out to be the Fairtrade song that the whole community will be getting together to sing on Saturday 12th March at 5:30pm at the Market Place Shopping Centre.

Apparently the song was a joint effort by school pupils from across Burgess Hill. Surprising really as it doesn't sound anything like the modern music that most children listen to these days if the hit parade is anything to go by.

Naturally I played the song to the BHU office cleaner, and I can tell you that she had a huge smile a mile wide on her face.

The lyrics to the song are included on the webpage so that you can sing along and learn them over the next 7 weeks. I shall personally ensure that all the staff here at BHU memorise the song word perfect in time for the big performance.

This is being billed as 'Burgess Hill does the Choir' So I assume that residents can all be expecting personal visits from Gareth Malone and then some practice sessions before March 12th?

All together now: We toil hard in the burning sun, and hope our crop will grow........

Link to Burgess Hill Fairtrade Anthem: