Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Round-Up of Burgess Hill News

Hello my loyal blog readers.

Lots has been happening over the past week. Here are the highlights:

Annual Town Meeting
On Tuesday it was the annual town meeting. For security purposes and the fact that there was a big night of European football on TV, I opted not to attend. According to Simon Hicks' blog it was a well attended meeting with plenty discussed. No reports of any violence, so the Friends of the Green Cicle Network must have been on their best behaviour (if they bothered to attend at all!)

Website Comments and Emails are Booming
Since the website facelift in February, visitors to Burgess Hill Uncovered have really been making great use of the comments facility on our news items it's great to get instant feedback on what we write and to see what other people's opinions are. Additionaly, the introduction of the new contact form has seen a constant stream of emails arrive in the BHU inbox. We're getting quite a few 'tip-offs' from members of the public that we'll be following up. It's all very exciting.

Facebook Fans Pass 500
It's delightful to see that our Burgess Hill Uncovered Facebook Page has quietly amassed over 500 fans. It's another great way of updating the locals of website updates and news of what's happening in the town. I'm in no doubt that our presence on Facebook is the reason for significantly increased traffic to Burgess Hill Uncovered.

Fairtrade Festival Market Review

Last weekend the BHU team headed to the Martlets Hall for the Fairtrade Festival Market, we were hoping to find some chocolate on offer this year, did Robert Eggleston come up with the goods? Find out here in our pictorial report

Oakmeeds Cashless Catering
Have you read our report on the Oakmeeds Cashless Catering System that keeps failing? Someone at the college thought it was a wonderful idea for pupils to access their prepaid accounts by using a fingerprint scanner. The new system was supposed to cut down the queueing time, however pupils report it's taking twice as long and that break and lunchtimes are having to be extended so that the kids actually get to eat!

And finally.....
Have you seen the 'Hitler Moves To Burgess Hill' series of videos? Part one has received over 1200 views in a short period of time and has proved a hit with our Facebook fans. Of course, with Hitler being the main focus of the video it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea.

My personal favourite of the series so far is 'Hitler has his first dinner in his new Burgess Hill Home' Enjoy!(Warning: contains text of an adult nature)

I was unaware that the culprit was back in town. We must track him down soon.