Thursday, October 06, 2011

District Council spending more on leisure in Haywards Heath than Burgess Hill?

Have you ever thought that Haywards Heath is getting more public money spent on leisure facilities than Burgess Hill?

In recent times Victoria Park has received an enhanced Skate Park, plans are in place to fit a fancy new splash pool for the kids and not so long ago some extra outdoor exercise equipment has been installed to complement the gear already in the park.

St Johns Park doesn't have even one piece of exercise equipment, let alone being able to benefit from additional pieces! Why are the people of Haywards Heath allowed a helping hand in getting fit for free yet not the Burgess Hill residents? This is an outrage (said in the voice of Tony Harrison from the Mighty Boosh)

Below is a picture of the MSDC cabinet members and our wonderful MP 'enjoying the new equipment' in Victoria park.
For copyright purposes (and for a bit of a laugh) I have photoshopped the heads of the EastEnders cast onto Pru Moore, Big Nic Soames, Jonathan Ash-Edwards and Gary Wall.
You can see the original photo and news story here

Now, is the reason for Haywards Heath possibly benefiting in leisure expenditure over Burgess Hill down to the members of the MSDC Cabinet having a Haywards Heath bias?

Lets take a closer look at the people that compose the Mid Sussex District Council Cabinet.
Leader: Gary Wall - Hawards Heath,
Head of Finance: Jonathan Ash-Edwards - Haywards Heath
Economic Development: John de Mierre - Haywards Heath
Planning and Regeneration: Gary Marsh - Balcombe (close to Haywards Heath)
Health and Community: Christopher Snowling - Lindfield (Right next to Haywards Heath)
Leisure and Sustainability: Pru Moore - Burgess Hill

6 cabinet members, only 1 from Burgess Hill. Says it all really doesn't it?
(Poor East Grinstead by the way)

There is a comment facility below. Local councillors do read this blog. How about you communicate with the people you represent for once and reply.

If there are no replies, then we shall take it that there is indeed a favouritism on the council with Haywards Heath receiving more money than Burgess Hill.

Prove this blogger wrong!