Friday, October 26, 2007

Abduction in Haywards Heath?

I was in Haywards Heath today for a business meeting located in Boltro Road. Making my way back to the company car which I handily parked for free at Sainsbury, I walked past the bridge by the railway station and noticed something queer on the pavement; A pair of ladies boots with imitation fur trim. Always equipped with a compact camera, I felt the need to take some snaps of these boots:

They were causing quite a stir with passers-by. Obviously, an abduction had taken place and that the police needed to be called, I'd like to think that the abduction was due to the woman's poor taste of footware, such citizens need to be removed from our streets at all costs.

After getting over the shock of the boots, a stiff drink was needed, so it was off to the Brewers Fayre at Beech Hurst Gardens with an inhabitant of Haywards Heath to chew the fat of life in our respective towns. There was a sign stuck to the entrance with details of which items on their menu were unavailable. Here is the sign in question:

As you can see, Lattes, Cappuccinos, Hot Chocolate and childs Banna Split were all unavailable. At least the BANANA Splits weren't off the menu! Just a little piece of evidence that at least one person in Haywards Heath is illiterate! It's small things like this that make me proud to be from Burgess Hill!

It's always best to spend as little time in Haywards Heath as possible, sadly, my escape from this inferior town was hampered due to roadworks by Rocky Lane. I was waiting a good five minutes at the termproary traffic lights in Colwell Road, thankfully 'Hey Jude' was played on BBC Southern Counties Radio which enabled a good sing-a-long!