Monday, November 05, 2007

Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve

On Friday 2nd November, a trip into town was taken in order to gain a map from the Burgess Hill town council help point, the map that we required was for the Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve. You see, over the past few months, people in pubs have been praising Scott McCarthy and myself for the Burgess Hill version of 'Is this the way to Amarillo' and had enquired as to when we'd be making another video. I decided that our next feature needed to promote something in Burgess Hill that some people may not even know about, the Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve was an obvious choice.

The lady in the help point was indeed helpful (and attractive, always a bonus!) however she seemed to find it surprising that two young men would be choosing to spend the afternoon visiting a nature reserve. To be honest, it's not a place that would be at the top of my places to visit in my spare time, but we had a reason to be going there and we weren't about to be telling her what that was. Having thanked the fine lady for her assistance, we popped into Iceland to buy some bread before making our way to the location.

As with many of our videos, we were producing on the fly, there's no storyboarding, scripting or viewing the area before we shoot. Working this way is an enjoyable challenge, having to come up with lighthearted scenes on the spot. I think we pulled it off quite well this time. Take a look.....

I've never explored the nature reserve in great detail before, so I found our jaunt out into the countryside interesting. The areas of woodland are very beautiful, it's certainly a place where you can go and gather your thoughts. I'd also recommend it as a destination to take a loved one, what exactly you get up to with them is your own business!

We met many charming female dog walkers during our time at Bedelands, they were more than happy to point us in the direction of the Mill Pond. One of the women that we met was Mary Smith, a member of the 'Friends Bedelands Farm' group. She was delighted to learn that we were doing a video about the area, however she thought we were doing it as a college project, I'm not sure how she'd have reacted to find out it would be appearing on a website famed for it's exposure of the public toilets and a gorilla called Gordon!

This video is just the first of many new pieces of content to be appearing on Burgess Hill Uncovered over the next month. We are finally moving forward.


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