Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Burgess Hill Gas Holder To Be Exploded!

It must have been a very slow news week in Burgess Hill from November 14th-20th, as the front page of the Mid Sussex Times featured the news that the wonderful gas holder on Leylands Road is to be torn down to make way for new housing.

Sadly, the article was written from the ‘Hooray it’s going’ point of view. With a local resident pictured actually jumping for joy at the news.

However, we can just about forgive reporter Alex Christie-Miller for the direction that he took, as he did a fine job in exposing Lisa Smith as not being the sharpest knife in the draw. She makes what I would consider, many errors during her interview.

Here are just some of her fine quotes:

”I’ve lived in this house for three years and it’s an absolute nightmare, it blacks out so much light”

The gas holder has been in Burgess Hill for decades! So why move to a house if you didn’t like it blocking out the light?

”If it was up and working, then it has its uses but its got no purpose and it’s the ugliest thing to have next to your home, and it devalues the property”

Once again, the gas holder has been there longer than the time she has been living in her home, so how exactly has that devalued her property? And as for it being the ugliest thing to have next to your home, that is just a matter of opinion; we at Burgess Hill Uncovered think that it’s a beautiful structure; you could live next to far worse things, like a giant statue of Steve McClaren made out of marble.

Lisa’s best line was this effort:

”It’s very dangerous. When we first moved here my son was straight up it and I was terrified”

Way to go Lisa, make readers of the Mid-Sussex Times believe that you are unable to teach your child what’s right and wrong, and to be safety conscious, it’s not that hard to work out that climbing such a huge structure would be a tad dangerous, not to mention trespassing, which is of course breaking the law!

There is a lesson to be learnt here for all you potential media darlings, don’t say anything that can be used by a reporter to make you seem an idiot.

In closing, I’d like to congratulate Alex Christie-Miller on writing one of the most amusing Mid Sussex Times articles of this year.