Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Burgess Hill resident hits out over future of gas holder

A letter sent to the Mid Sussex Times by Burgess Hill resident Randy Lawford was the main feature in this weeks Middy Mailbag section. Randy was reacting to last weeks news that the gas holder on Leylands Road is to be removed to make room for up to 58 new homes. Randy's letter is full of passion and is one of the most enjoyable letters to be featured in recent times.

I am writing to express my sheer disgust at the possibility of Burgess Hill losing its gas tower. While many residents appear to be over the moon about this decision, I have deep-rooted concerns in what it will mean for the town

The new houses replacing it will add vehicles onto the already busy surrounding roads. There was public outcry over the decision to build the new doctors surgery at Sidney West due to the traffic it would add to Leylands Road, so one can only imagine what the construction of 58 houses is going to mean. The added houses will bring with them more families, which will put a strain on our already struggling local schools

Having grown up in the town, I have become accustomed, even favourable, to the gas tower. Yes, it may not be pretty, but it is a sample of the great past of our town. As the country steadily falls into decline, I feel it is vital that we do not lose these monuments to our past, but that they remain as a tribute and reminder that we were once a great nation. I can’t see London ever demolishing Big Ben or Trafalgar Square to make room for ‘urban cramming’, and as such I don’t see why we should be forced to get rid of one of our towns landmarks just because the government demands we build more homes

Randy Lawford, Petworth Drive, Burgess Hill