Friday, December 07, 2007

Windmill Pub Landlord hits back over gas holder

The comical nature of Randy Lawford's letter to the Mid Sussex Times was obviously lost on some people, as in this weeks Middy Mailbag, Ray McCarthy, landlord of the Windmill pub on Leylands Road, chose to write in direct response to Randy's letter.
Here's what he wrote:

The gas holder in Leylands Road is the most hideous eyesore in West Sussex. I cannot believe that some local residents actually want to save this monstrosity and the appalling state of the surrounding land. Have they gone completely mad?

I own the Windmill pub next door to this eyesore and the sooner it is got rid of the better. No doubt the people calling for its preservation are not living within its sight and are totally out of touch with the views of a vast majority of local residents.

Strong words. I wonder just how long Mr McCarthy has been the landlord. I suspect that he took over the premesis after the gas holder was constructed. If he didn't like the gas holder, then why take on the pub? If 58 new homes are to be built on this land, who stands to benefit from this? Ah yes, that's right, the Windmill pub may gain many new regular drinkers. It all makes sense now.

Mr Mcarthy suggests that those wanting the gas holder preserved probably don't live in sight of it. Well, he should take a look at a map of Burgess Hill. The authors of the two letters from last weeks Mid Sussex Times live in Petworth Drive and Freaks Lane. You can't get more closer than that.

Ray's letter ends by claiming writers of previous letters are 'totally out of touch' with the views of others. It's called having an opinion Ray. If we all agreed on everything, then life would be rather boring.


S.McCarthy said...

I would just like to state I am no relation of the said Mr McCarthy

Anonymous said...

Well, it is damned ugly...

To be fair, it is a landmark and it has been around for a very long time but it really should go. I'm sure recycling it would be a good way to go.

As for the impact of new homes, that wouldn't actually be a bad thing. The more housing there is in the town, the more likely redevelopment of the town centre and station will be. Add to that the extra Council Tax revenue and you're on to a winner.

Good riddance to it, I say. It doesn't really have any historical significance. It's not as if it's the last gasometer left in the country. It's one of hundreds, if not thousands.

Anonymous said...

This 'gas holder' or gasometer must never go.

Anonymous said...

I too will be glad to see the back of it. It is surrounded by grubby wasteland and many things have been dumped there over the years. It is a complete eyesore. The land is also contaminated and by developing the site, the top soil will have to be taken away.... which can't be a bad thing can it!

And a personal attack on Ray is unfair in my opinon (may he rest in peace). He was a good publican who cared very much about the town and the community.

Anonymous said...

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