Saturday, October 24, 2009

No Chalk Circle For South Downs

Don't worry residents of Ditchling and anyone else that likes to get worked up about the slighest thing, the chalk circle will not be constructed on the South Downs as the Artists Taking The Lead project have chosen 'The Boat Project' as being the South East's creation to mark the 2012 Olympiad.

Basically a pair of Hippies came up with the idea to build a boat with donated bits of wood from the public. The wood has to mean something to the person donating it, examples given have been your favourite pencil or ruler, and maybe even your dining table. Who would be stupid enough to donate a whole dining table? If a dining table means something to you, you'd still be eating off it, surely?

Perhaps the boat can be built on Ditchling High Street so that the locals don't miss out on getting to moan about the extra traffic congestion that would have come their way if the Chalk Cirle project had been given the nod.

Can we go back to moaning about the district council now please?


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