Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blame Crawley chavs for poor driving test pass rate.

I had to chuckle when I read the Leader newspaper this week. The front page carried a story on the varying degree of pass rates across the different driving test centers in Sussex.

Within the report there are some comments by driving instructor Chris Anastasiades, who says that Crawley has a reputation as being a difficult location to take your driving test due to the one way systems and the complex roundabouts.

It's a no brainer that Crawley is a much harder test route compared to the quiet, simple roads found in Burgess Hill.

However, this didn't stop a spokesman from the Driving Standards Agency having a pop at the residents of Crawley. He claims that the reasons for a higher failure rate on the Crawley test routes is due socio-economic reasons, that those with less money take fewer lessons before taking their tests.

In other words, Crawley is full of poor chavs that spend their money on McDonalds and tracksuits and not enough of their benefit money is spent on learning to drive!

Ill-judged comments really, as any decent driving instructor will keep their learners with them as long as possible to squeeze more money out of them and to ensure that they are properly prepared for their test.

It doesn't always work like this though. I was more than ready for my first driving test, and I went on to fail 5 times!


Anonymous said...

How can anyone be more than ready for their 1st driving test and then go on to fail 5 times ??

People always say they "just" failed one small thing

however the essence of a serious fault on the dsa marking sheet, means the potential for a dangerous situation.

someone who fails 5 times either doesnt understand some of the rules or is unable to process what they see quickly enough to make a correct decision.

Anonymous said... sound strangely similar to what I'd expect to hear from a DSA examiner trying to squeeze just a bit more cash...

Burgess Hill Webteam said...

Wow, recent comments on this blog entry which I wrote years ago!

Test one: I was accused of not looking right at one junction. Totally rubbish!

Test Two: deserved to fail as I came off the A27 too fast approaching a roundabout.

Test Three: Driving too close to parked cars. Yet this had never been mentioned to be before from my instructor, family or the two previous examiners

Test Four: Refusal to turn down a no-through road (Thought examiner was trying to trick me, I had reason to be paranoid!)

Test Five: Failed for turning down the exact same no-through road which I refused in test 4!

That was the final straw and I sent a strongly worded letter, pointing out I was being screwed over. Test six was a breeze with a very friendly examiner and hardly any time out on the route.