Thursday, January 07, 2010

MSDC leader Garry Wall passes the buck

Typical form from Mid Sussex District Council.
Their new leader Garry Wall is blaming West Sussex County Council for not being able to cope with the snow. He pointed out that it is WSCC's responsibility to clear our roads and not MSDC.

Mr Wall is quoted in the Mid Sussex Times as saying "Council employees and sub-contractors have also worked very hard, many working over the bank holiday, to assist wherever, and in whatever way they can"

Notice how our great leader doesn't actually state what exactly the MSDC staff have been doing to help. As I understand it, the refuse collectors have been at home putting their feet up, and the leisure centres have been closed. In theory, as they can't carry our their usual jobs, they should be out on the roads with their shovels helping to clear the roads.

It shouldn't matter if it's West Sussex County Council's prime responsibility, MSDC should have shown lots of initiative and helped to get the district back to normal as soon as possible. However, when you think of how it took them a week to clear their own car parks of snow, yes, thats right, their own car parks that make the council money, then you really do have to question if MSDC have gone beyond the call of duty.