Friday, January 08, 2010

Snow Prevention in Haywards Heath *Video*

When it snowed the week before Christmas, the local authority car parks were covered in snow for days and it took over 5 days in some cases for the council to get their arses into gear and make them safe for use again, this was despite the claims from a Mid Sussex District councillor that white grit is laid in the car parks when they know that snow is on the way.

This Tuesday evening, I had the great misfortune of finding myself snowed in at Haywards Heath. With not a great deal that I could do about my predicament, I took the opportunity to check out the Church Road Car Park that serves The Orchards shopping centre in Haywards Heath to see if the white grit was doing it's job of disolving the snow as it hit the ground. I assumed I would be finding white grit in the car park, given that the Met Office had given prior warning of the expected downfall.

Here are my findings in the form of a multimedia video presentation......

Once again it appears that Mid Sussex District Council failed to take preventative measures against the snow. Well done to them!


Anonymous said...

That wouldn't happen in Burgess Hill - serve you right for going to where did you say "Haywards Heath", vaguely familiar but not somewhere I would recommend!!!

Allan Pond said...

This does lead to the question of why you're hanging around car parks at midnight...

I do hope you're not a dogger or something!

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