Saturday, January 09, 2010

Burgess Hill Refuse and Recycling Collection???

The Burgess Hill Uncovered Offices are located on the west side of town.

A recycling collection has not been made since Tueday Decemeber 8th.
A refuse collection has not been made since Tuesday 15th December.

That is over a month since the recycling has been collected, and three and a half weeks for a refuse collection.

We had snowfall on the evening of Thursday 17th of December and another major downfall on the evening of Tuesday 5th January.

The first bout of snow had cleared by Tuesday 22nd December. That gave the recycling collectors at least 8 clear days to work as usual. Logically they should visit the homes that have been without a collection for weeks as apposed to carrying on with their usual timetable. I have used the word 'Logically' a word that by now we should all realise isn't one that Mid Sussex District Council understand. MSDC pay SERCO to carry out the collections, so I'm sure MSDC have the power to tell them what to do.

An employee of SERCO has revealed to us that his crew worked overtime and during a Bank Holiday to make up for the collections not made due to the snow the week before.

Quite clearly this is a shocking revelation, why have one crew managed to catch up, but those serving the west of Burgess Hill have not?

With the extra household waste caused by Christmas, bins are overflowing, the BHU offices are having to keep much of our recyclable items inside as there just isn't any room in the bin.

With temperatures not set to rise above freezing until Wednesday 13th January, many of the minor roads will be classed as too treacherous for the workers to carry out their collections.

If the roads are too dangerous to make collections, then why aren't these workers being handed shovels instead and being told to clear the roads. Currently MSDC are paying SERCO (the contractor) but not getting a service in return.

Alot of the problem is the whole Health and Safety issue. With the sueing culture growing in this country thanks to America, even a burley refuse collector has to be wrapped in cotton wool.

It's pathetic, but then what else should we have expected!

Is anyone else still awaiting a long overdue collection? Please leave a comment below.


Anonymous said...

Like you I have been waiting since early December for my landfill bin to be emptied. I queried it with the local council who said that they'd be making every effort to have fill-in collections to help with the backlog. As it turns out there was no back-fill collection they just started collecting again on the day it was due once the snow had cleared. I don't blame the guys on the wagon, but the shoddy way in which the council handled it. Of course we won't be getting a refund on our council tax for not receiving a service for these weeks, or will we?

Anonymous said...

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