Sunday, March 21, 2010

Councillor Anne Jones in Career Suicide?

Last week an email was delivered to the Burgess Hill Uncovered inbox, the content of which was rather distressing. Anne Jones (don't forget the) MBE has decided to ditch her independent status on Mid Sussex District Council and has aligned herself with the Conservatives.

For years Anne had represented the Liberal Democrats whilst sitting on various councils during her long career in local politics. Sadly, things went sour for Anne and the Lib Dems. It was reported that differences on party policy led to her departure. I think that's technical speak for 'Didn't like the cheap biscuits at the local party meetings'

After going it alone for a while, she's decided that her lone voice wasn't effective on the District Council, hense why she's joined the Conservatives. Is this move about to backfire on her?

She'll be up for re-election in May 2010. In 2007 she was voted onto the council as a Lib Dem, the other successful candidate was the Conservatives' Pru 'I think the refuse collectors did a great job in the snow' Moore. The 2007 data suggests that Leylands Ward is split between the two parties. It may be the case that only one of the two women will be re-elected.

The other factor to consider is that the Conservatives keep cocking up at local level. In 2007 people stupidly re-elected many of the same Conservatives that were doing such a bad job in the previous term, will the voters make the same mistake twice?

The term 'Squeaky bum time' seems rather appropriate to use for both Anne Jones and the rest of the Conservatives serving on the District Council. They have a year to enhance their reputation. Can they do it?


Anonymous said...

You are obviously a sour Lib Dem judging by this post!

Burgess Hill Webteam said...

It's quite simple really, the Conservatives have control of MSDC and are doing a shocking job.

At local level I don't see the value in political parties. It's unfortunate that some inept people get to be councillors by putting themselves forward to represent a party in a ward that they know they can get elected in.

In my opinion, every councillor should be an independent and be elected on the basis of what they can offer the district.

Perhaps in 2011 we can adopt an 'X' Factor style of auditioning and voting?

Anonymous said...

Shows how little real difference there is between the Lib Dems and the Tories anyway - the Lib Dems despite their numbers are a thoroughly toothless opposition - they seem more interested in photo opps standing by dustbins than anything else. Only lone Labour councillor Paddy Henry seems to do anything to rein in less than transparent and incompetent way the Tories run the District.

The Lib Dems are right about one thing though - we do need PR, but only so we can rid of the complacent Lib Dem/Tory duopoly that dominates local politics round here. And who needs independents and the X factor? A few referendums Haywayds Heath style wouldn't come amiss either...

Basil Larkins said...

The fact that a Lib/Dem Councillor first leaves her own Party after many years and later decides to join the Conservatives probably says much more about the local Lib/Dem Party than the Councillor. In 2007 several Lib/Dem Councilors left the Party and stood as Independents. One was elected to the Town Council and another has subsequently joined the Conservative Party. Locally the Lib/Dems are not the 'nice'Party and but are run as a highly centralised group. At Council meetings they can only speak on certain subjects if 'authorised so to do'. I recently attended a meeting of the Burgess Hill Town Council and witnessed Lib/Dem Councillors attacking each other on one subject with a degree of personal animosity that surprised me. The Conservative Party on the other hand runs itself with a light touch and allows, indeed expects, its elected Councillors to exercise a degree of independence. After all very little of local politics is actually Party Political and all Councillors should, and probably do, act in the best interests of the local populace. One or two posts indicate to me that the contributors have not actually taken the trouble to attend a Council meeting to see what takes place. When elected even to Town Council (other levels of Council are even more demanding) a Councillor will find themselves attending meetings at least twice a week, usually in the evening, representing the Town at various other events and generally being very busy on our behalf however what they will lack is any real power to make things happen because so much of what used to be local is now taken to Whitehall. They do this for a modest allowance probably beneath the level of the minimum wage yet they are attacked by many who know no better. If you feel you could do better just approach the local Party of your choice and ask to be a candidate. I am sure you will be welcomed with open arms.

Anonymous said...

Tories are cuddly and we should all be grateful to local worthies for their public spiritedness - complacent beyond belief..