Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tesco want a Timpson on their land

If wanting to expand their store by 50% wasn't enough, Tesco have now cheekily submitted an application to Mid Sussex District Council for a Timpson on their land.

Timpson provide shoe repair, key cutting and dry cleaning services. Having a Timpson on site at Tesco could be looked upon as being rather handy. However, there is already a Timpson in Burgess Hill town centre along with other businesses that offer dry cleaning.

It's clear for all to see that Tesco are slowly trying to become the central hub for all retail activity in Burgess Hill.

Thankfully, the Town Council planning committee met last night and they have made their recommendation for the Timpson at Tesco to be refused. Good for them.

However, a recommendation is all that it is, the District Council will have the final say, and if they have already got into bed with Tesco regarding the 50% expansion, then allowing a Timpson to be built would be no surprise.

For further information check out Simon Hicks' blog, he's part of the town council planning committee, so knows his stuff (I hope!)