Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Stormtroopers Invade Burgess Hill!

Every now and again, I search You Tube to see if there have been any new videos added that are related to our fine town. Usually the new offerings are from some guy that is obsessed with filming trains and thinks everyone else wants to see them. Problem is, it clutters up the 'Burgess Hill' search results page.

Anyway, a quick search last night threw up the following video:

So, some geeky guys dressed as Stormtroopers decided to hang around Burgess Hill, looking for some love and attention that they don't get from their families.

Seriously though, I think it's rather cool, Star Wars fans would have enjoyed it, and children would have been thrilled and probably a little scared at the same time.

I'm rather sad at seeing this video though as I was in the town centre on Saturday for the first time in months and I did a whole circuit and didn't happen to see these guys. If I had found them, I would have requested they blow up all the parking metres in town.

But why were they in town? Were they promoting the Burgess Hill Fairtrade Festival by way of threatening to blow off peoples heads if the didn't go and buy some beads from the Martlets Hall?

Their video contains footage shot in various shops around town, I'm surprised that this was allowed, unless of course they did it without permission and the shopkeepers were too scared to tell them to stop.

Was it prearranged, or was it a random outing for the Stormtroopers?
I shall endeavour to find out for you, my loyal readers.

Perhaps next week people will dress up as terrorists with bombs strapped to their bodies..... Well, it's no real difference to walking around with huge rifles now, is it?