Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Will MSDC allow Tesco to kill the town centre?

Today I finally got round to writing about the Proposed Tesco expansion in Burgess Hill. I chose to publish it on the main Burgess Hill Uncovered website, as a result it's not as opinionated and crazy as the content that you find located on this blog.

What I will say here is that MSDC are going to look like complete idiots if they do allow Tesco to expand by 50%, a move that will see Tesco stocking many of the items that you could get in the town centre. Remember, MSDC want you all to support the local traders and their car parks, so it would be very fitting if they do allow Tesco to expand, it would sum up the council perfectly - A complete and utter shambles!

The District Council elections are taking place in 2011. In Burgess Hill, I get a sneaky feeling that there may be a few upsets coming.

Anyway, for now, please do go and read my superb news report. There's even a poll that you can vote on, how exciting!