Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mid Sussex Times back the Conservatives?

Unlike the national newspapers, it would be unwise for a small local newspaper to outrightly back a particular political party. To do so could end up costing you readers.

So what better way than to put one party over another than to print a piece from an external source.

In the April 15th edition of the Mid Sussex Times, they included a piece from the Electoral Reform Society that claims that the Mid Sussex seat is basically a no contest, Soames will win, so why bother voting any other way, if at all.

I don't see why the Middy needed to include this piece unless they wanted to indirectly show political bias. Why couldn't they have printed something to suggest that the Mid Sussex seat could be the closest run election for decades and how the votes of all the Mid Sussex constituents will really count come May 6th if people take the time to vote.

Thankfully, the April 22nd editon of the Mid Sussex Times featured a letter from Lib Dem candidate Serena Tierney, in which she took objection to the piece from last week and pointed out that the Mid Sussex seat could end up being a closely run affair.

We give my sister the Citizen and Leader newspapers to use to line the cage of Marv the Guinea pig, I get a feeling we'll be providing her with the Middy from now on too!