Sunday, April 25, 2010

Political Debate vs Football

What an ERROR. On Wednesday evening, the candidates for the Mid Sussex parliamentary seat will be at the Gateway Baptist Church in Burgess Hill, taking questions from an audience.
At the same time on ITV 1 you could be enjoying Barcelona vs Inter Millan in the second leg of the Champions League Semi-Final. Now as much as I'd love to be be sitting among a load of old people, listening to them asking the candidates what they're going to do about the state pension, I'd rather have my own religious experience by watching 'God' play football on the TV. The God I speak of is of course Lionel Messi.


Anonymous said...

The problem with this blog site is that you sound off without finding out any facts. The night in question was the only night Soames could do so it was a bit of a fait accompli. Over 220 people turned out to hear the candidates.

Burgess Hill Webteam said...

Clearly Soames is not a fan of football. I bet if there was a big local hunt taking place that he'd have cancelled in a flash!

Why did I need to know any facts?
It's quite simple, holding a political meeting on the same night as a big football match will result in less people wanting to attend. I think that is a FACT.

I LOVE people leaving ANAL comments like yours.