Sunday, April 25, 2010

Serena Tierney Attacked by the Daily Mail

The Conservative supporting media seem to see the Lib Dems as a real threat in the forthcoming election. The Ultra-Safe Mid Sussex seat may not be that secure as the Daily Mail have felt the need to write negatively about Serena Tierney's election literature.
Article: Dirty Tricks of the real NASTY party.
It's actually pretty damning, in fact, I find it incredible. If you've not clicked the link to the Daily Mail article, it reveals that Tierney wrote that 5 councillors have abandoned the Conservatives at local level as the party is a sinking ship. The Daily mail sets the record straight by giving valid reasons for each of the 5 departures, including that one of the 5 councillors DIED.
The worst part for Tierney is that she wrote about the loss of the 5 councillors under the headline 'Bringing Honesty Back to Politics'. Ouch!