Monday, May 10, 2010

Serena Tierney FAILS in Mid Sussex

Well, what a huge let down the election for the Mid Sussex MP was. Serena Tierney totally mucked up. Nicholas Soames INCREASED the gap between the Conservatives and Lib Dems in Mid Sussex.

Tierney's Statement
Serena Tierney responded to the result via the midsussexlibdems website.
"Serena would like to say thank you for all those who supported her in Mid Sussex saying "Very many people told me how good our campaign was and the effect is clear in the 3000+ increase in our general election vote. In the end, the percentage difference between us and the Tories has hardly changed. The Tories clearly benefited from the electorate's determination to get rid of an unpopular and incompetent Labour government."|

So Serena has the excuse that the Conservatives did well as more people came out to vote for the party that could best displace Gordon Brown. I don't buy that excuse at all. Those that watched the televised debates between the three main party leaders would have been impressed by Nick Clegg, and if anything, would have felt compelled to perhaps vote of the Liberal Democrats for the first time.

The Figures
Looking at the figures, Soames received 4564 more votes than in 2005. Tierney gained an extra 3052. The total score was Cons 28,329 versus Lib Dems

What now for Tierney?
As for Tierney, she is sticking around as the Lib Dem's parliamentary candidate for Mid Sussex.
Why bother? She's lost in two elections now. Her campaign heavily concentrated on Soames being a part time MP, but where did that get her? Is she the right person to try and defeat the Conservatives in Mid Sussex, I don't think she is.

Lib Dems nationally
But what does it all matter now anyway? The Lib Dems are sacrificing what they stand for in order to ride on the coattails of the Conservatives. I imagine Nick Clegg is about to alienate thousands of Lib Dem supporters around the country as he signs his party up to to share in the blame when huge cuts are made to cut the national deficit
. With Gordon Brown resigning as leader of the Labour Party, it seems the reds will be best placed if an early election is called.

Insight into Soames on the election trail
Finally, he's a little tidbit for you, here's an interview the Times conducted with Nicholas Soames a few days prior to the election.


Simon Hicks said...

Your analysis of the election results in Mid Sussex fails to mention boundary changes which will have affected the result (with 5000 electors moving in or out of the constituency) and which increased the notional Conservative majority from the previous election. Serena Tierney still raised the percentage of Liberal Democrat support leaving us well prepared for the district council elections next year.

Yes nationally and locally the result was disappointing compared with the initial response to the leaders debates which raised expectations of a breakthrough, in the event a late swing polarised support to the party best placed to get rid of Brown. However Liberals Democrats nationally still obtained nearly one in ever four votes and only the unfairness of Britain’s electoral system stopped us significantly increasing our parliamentary representation.

However rather than sit back and complain in permanent opposition Nick Clegg is doing exactly what he promised, working for the good of the country, and implementing Liberal Democrat policies. He has worked hard to save the country from an unfettered Conservative government and to put the principles of fairness and constitutional reform at the heart of the new coalition government’s policies and to provide the strong and stable government we need in these difficult times.