Thursday, April 08, 2010

SHOCK - Financial Irregularities at MSDC?

Hello loyal readers, having been struck down by illness for the best part of two weeks that resulted in my brain only being able to process 58 episodes of the Thundercats on DVD, I have returned to the blog to once again report on the highly exciting news coming out of Burgess Hill.

The March 25th edition of the Mid Sussex Times carried the headline 'Funds probe at council' Now I'm not much of a financial expert, and there was alot of information to digest but here's my take on the story, in a language that you'll hopfully understand.

It is alledged that the district council borrowed around £730k from Thornfield properties. Thornfied were the company that were going to make the town centre look all nice and sparkly until they went bust.

Cllr Paddy Henry claims the loan was taken out by MSDC to be used as part of the 2005-06 budget. Apparently this is illegal.

The council had put up land as 'security' against the loan if they were unable to pay it back. It is reported that the land the council offered up was part of the Cyprus Road car park and land at the Triangle leisure centre. The council ended up paying back £1,042,407 to Thornfield.

The district's auditor will now be going through the paperwork to see what the dealings were between MSDC and Thornfield.

Dear o dear, it's one thing after another at MSDC. With local elections in 2011, the Conservative run council may once again be exposed.

What a HERO Paddy Henry is. He's the lone Labour representative on the district council, so what better way to make an impact than by pointing out all the wrong doings.