Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Haywards Heath suffers major Rat infestation!

I'm currently reading last weeks Mid Sussex Times, I was delighted to discover that Victoria Park in Haywards Heath is suffering from an infestation of Rats.
Poison has been laid descreetly at the scene, out of reach of children in attempt to get rid of our rodent cousins. The council are appealing for members of the public to refrain from dropping any food and not to feed the birds as this would help the Rats thrive in the area.

The next time I'm unfortunate enough to be in Haywards Heath, I think I'll buy myself a LARGE portion of chips from the local chippy and accidently put a hole in the paper as I go for a mazey walk across the grounds of Victoria Park.

You'd never find an infestation of Rats in Burgess Hill, it's far too clean compared to grubby old Haywards Heath.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Haywards heath is "OLD" but im sure that the triangle in itself contains more "Grub" than haywards heath. Get back to your chavy, horrible, council house ridden town.

Rat infestation said...

Rats really are common, we all seem to be shocked when we reed these stories of rat infestations and pest, but in reality they are everywhere! Its just these ones are not too great at hiding!