Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Middy skew figures to Tierney's detriment

"Lets not allow facts to get in the way of a good story" That's what the editor of the Mid Sussex Times probably told reporter Finn Scott-Delany as he tried to add as much shine as possible to Nicholas Soames' victory in the local elections.

It was written:
Hopes that the Lib Dems would be able to captialise on the hype surrounding their leader Nick Clegg proved unfounded with voters rallying behind Mr Soames.

Mrs Tierney received 3,000 LESS votes than she did in 2005.

Those of you that were aware of the voting data, Tierney actually received an extra 3,000 votes compared to 2005. Such careless reporting by the Middy.

magine what damage could be done to the Jonas Brothers if they lived in Mid Sussex. The Mid Sussex Times would be liable to incorrectly report that one of the members has induldged in pre-marital sex. thus ruining their wholesome image.