Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weakest News Story EVER ?!?!?!

I was in two minds as to whether to comment on a news story that I found online as I didn't want to be harsh about a well respected news journalist of which I too very much like.

BUT.... It must have been a VERY slow newsweek at the Mid Sussex Times where chief reporter Phil Dennett gets to write a story about his 60th birthday and the present that his work colleagues purchased him. The gift in question was a chocolate football, but it's no ordinary piece of confectionary, it's the lucky football that helped England beat Slovenia on Wednedsday. It's lucky because Phil vowed not to eat it until England won their next game. England went on the beat Slovenia 1-0. The chocolate football was then eaten.

Really? REALLY? Come on!

A friend said to me on reading the story "Well that's England's World Cup chances gone if he's gone and eaten the lucky football already, we'll lose the next game!"

I'm writing this entry on Sunday morning, three and a half hours away from England taking on Germany in the last 16. I've been eying up a Muller yoghurt in the fridge, it was purchased for me by the BHU office cleaner. I've decided not to eat it until England win their next game. Will it be THE lucky yoghurt that helps England win? I have no doubt about it.


chris and phil dennett said...

Sorry, I should have tried harder with the choc football story.
It was meant to be an ironic statement about all the crap on the internet about the world cup (and everything else come to think of it.)
By the way I'd advise you to run some of your content past a libel lawyer.
Not the bit about my choc story though. That was indeed a rubbish story.

In future I shall avoid irony and get someone else to do my shirts.

Keep up the good work. Phil Dennett

Anonymous said...

I think the author of this post (as well as the author of the original story) are being far too critical of the piece. Clearly the original was intended to be an amusing local perspective on World Cup mania. Writing about that topic is not an easy task unless a member of the national team grew up in Burgess Hill or its environs. A creative story like this (rather than the usual stories about people coming out en masse to watch a match at the pub, etc.) should be applauded rather than ridiculed.

Yours sincerely, from across the pond,


chris and phil dennett said...

Thanks DJP. Who says Americans don't do irony?
In all modesty the story was rubbish in the sense that it wasn't hard news, but it wasn't meant to be.

Ah well, can't win em all.

phil dennett

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