Sunday, June 27, 2010

Council waste £300k of Taxpayer's money.

Do you remember back in late March when Labour district councillor Paddy Henry revealed he had seen documentation that seemed to indictate that the District Council took out a loan from Thornfield properties? Offering up Cyprus Road to Thornfield as security if they were to default on the loan?

Well, the district auditor got to work on investigating the claims and her findings were revealed this week. Surprise surprise! It was announced that the council tossed away £302,000 of the taxpayers money in interest repayments to Thornfield Properties on a loan that should never have been taken out.

MSDC are so careful with the public money, remember the reported £300k loss on the Big Culture show at Victoria Park a few years ago?

All these losses happened under the leadership of Council Chief Executive John Jory, a man that was collecting an eye-watering yearly salary of £138,000.
He has recently resigned from the council, probably before he was sacked!
With his track record, it's somewhat shocking that he's managed to find another job as Chief Executive of Reigate and Banstead Borough Council. Clearly his new employers didn't use the Internet to research his excellent track record in helping to make taxpayers money disappear!

Mid Sussex District Council - Making life better for everyone but the residents.

If you'd like to read the full 53 page report on the 'Cyprus Road Agreement' you can download the PDF file here.


Anonymous said...

That is disgraceful, what an utter waste of money! MSDC should be ashamed of themselves, this surely amounts to theft from the taxpayers.

Clearly there are officers working for the council that are not fit to do the job.

White Ferret said...

well done for exposing these crazy rabbits! let me know if we can use this story and image to spread the word and fight the war on waste.