Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pitch and Putt CLOSED by the Council

The moaners over at Haywards Heath Uncovered have reported on how the District Council have closed the Pitch and Putt at Beech Hurst Gardens for good! This is terrible news. I have been a regular user of the Pitch and Putt for over 15 years.

It's been reported that the council have chosen to have a performance area on part of the land instead. Brass Bands are one of the types of entertaiment that the council are looking to use.

This smacks of the decision makers being people that couldn't care for the younger generation. How is it fair to take away a sporting activity, used by young people and to replace it with a place for a brass band to perform? I can really see the local youths rushing to Beech Hurst Gardens in the Summer to listen to the live music, rubbing shoulders with the pensioners.

Yet again Mid Sussex District Council show that they do not have a clue.