Friday, August 27, 2010

Egglestone triumphs in By-Election

Sad news readers, I won't be being bribed for my vote next year in way of a fair trade chocolate brownie as Robert Egglestone triumphed with 662 votes versus John Merrill's 453 in yesterday's by-election in the Victoria Ward. 28% of residents exercised their right to vote (could be bothered to leave the house)

As much as I wanted to see John Merrill win, the Lib Dems did put out very impressive and hard-hitting literature which clearly influenced enough people to vote for Robert.

Were the Conservatives too confident and thus felt they didn't need to make much of an effort to win the seat?

Well, we only have to wait until May next year to see if they will try harder, for in 2011, both the town council and district council seats will be up for grabs. It could turn out to be a very short reign for Robert.

The Make-Up of the Burgess Hill Town Council is ---
Conservatives - 9
Liberal Democrats - 8
Independent - 1

Thrilling times ahead for fans of local politics.
Prepare for lots of dirt slinging from the parties.