Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Haywards Heath put Burgess Hill to shame.

Readers, I may just have to move away to Haywards Heath. They do things better there, no really, they do.

On Saturday, it's their town day. Taking place in Victoria Park from 12 noon they have a HUGE amount going on. For a full list of whats on offer, you can take a look at the timetable on that rubbish copycat Haywards Heath Uncovered website

The highlights include Dancing, live music, sports demonstrations, martial arts, miniature railway, fairground rides, fireworks AND the Eco Fair, poached from Burgess Hill.

I am DELIGHTED that Haywards Heath are putting on such a heavyweight event, it may lead to the Burgess Hill Town council taking back control of our local event, the Summer and Christmas Town days that we have are old and STALE, it's been rinse and repeat for the past SIX YEARS.

The event needs to come back to St Johns Park. Sod all this 'ooooo we can't do it there because someone might get hit by a cricket ball' It was never a problem in the past. It was moved in part as greedy out of town traders on the festival committee wanted it in Church Walk in order to try to get more business to their crappy cafe that closed down as it was crap. It was moved as the new people running the festival committee wanted to make a change so they could say 'We did that'

Sometimes I get sad when I realise that I live in Burgess Hill. Today is one of those days that I am sad.


Anonymous said...

Nooooooo please don't turn over to the dark side and move to ... where was it?

Tim said...

I do have to say, Haywards Heath has become a much nicer town than Burgess Hill, at least Haywards Heath's town center is actually attractive and lively and they have a few decent shops...unlike here.