Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's going on at WSCC?

Last week whilst out driving in Burgess Hill, I heard on the radio about how Mark Hammond, the Chief Executive of West Sussex Council had been suspended, there was no other information revealed at the time. Having now read this weeks edition of the Mid Sussex times, it was interesting to discover that Mark was SACKED by the leader of the council Louise Goldsmith, she's a Conservative. Apparently the procedure used to get rid of Mr Hammond was not by the book. I'm sure more information will come out in public over the coming weeks, but you have to believe that the Lib Dems will be enjoying the supposed improper procedure by a member of a rival party.

Was Mr Hammond doing a really bad job? I always thought West Sussex County Council ran like a well-oiled machine?

Unusual to have unrest at WSCC. Its usually MSDC where it all kicks off!

I know some of you political types are avid readers of the blog, do you care to share some information?


Anonymous said...

Having worked for 10 years at WSCC, I can tell you that it is anything but a well-oiled machine. The waste is horrendous and contractors sitting around doing nothing on 800-900 pounds a day is not unusual, neither is 6 figure projects that go nowhere (IT is a big source of this). The so called Fundamental Services Review has resulted in jobs for the boys (and girls) and redundancies normally result in huge single sum payoffs and anyone over 50 gets their pension straight away. Hammond has presided over a massive waste of money, and I'm just surprised he didn't go sooner.

Anonymous said...

Someone should look at how much of taxpayers' money has been authorised to be paid to CAP Gemini consultants over the last few years, at surprising rates, for little more than advice on how to restructure needlessly.

Anonymous said...

CAP Gemini and KPMG have been paid sums of money into the millions under the Hammond reign. For basically telling the taxpayers grandmothers how to suck eggs. Complete and utter waste.

Anonymous said...

I see the Hammond is getting a massive payoff at our expense, so much for the ALACE outrage, funny how a big suitcase of cash soothes affronted principles. I wonder who'll be next in charge at WSCC? Bernard Madoff? John Delorean? Fred Goodwin? Probably get better value off any of these.