Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's a Civic Dinner? And Why?

A Civic Dinner? For VIP's???? During the Burgess Hill Bonfire Night???
What a load of nonsense.

This is Burgess Hill, not Haywards Heath, we are not a stuck up town. Why would our wonderful Town council chairman Christopher Thomas-Atkin choose to spend his own money on a 'Civic' dinner? If these guests weren't of the calibur of Noel Edmonds, Peter Andre and Willie Thorne, then such a dinner is a waste. Who was the chairman really trying to impress? Last time I checked, Burgess Hill isn't bidding for a major sporting event.

Some may be baffled by this particular blog entry, but I am playing catch-up since I escaped the country. I almost choked on my lemon curd and cream covered scone when I read about the cute little dinner hosted by the town council chairman.

One woman that managed to get her usual column inches was Publicity Pru (Moore). Of the Bonfire Night she said "It was a terrific spectacle and our visitors were very impressed at the standard and visual impact of the event. The chairman was very pleased to have such high-profile visitors witness what great things Burgess Hill can accomplish"

These VIP's must have been Katie Price and Jodie Marsh if Pru was speaking so highly of them. Perhaps they gave her tips on how to get more media attention.


Anonymous said...

Delusions of grander springs to mind, big time