Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dog poo isn't the most foul thing in Mid Sussex

Councillor Pru Moore talks sh*t, no really, she does! Well, at least she did in the October 7th edition of the Mid Sussex Times.

The Middy ran a story about how the MSDC employed Park Rangers are being paid to go and look for Dog Poo in the district's various parks. Dog walkers in the most fouled spots will be given poo bags and told to ensure that they clean up after their dogs. The park rangers will also be going into schools in order to tell the kids to ensure they clean up their dog's poo.

Publicity Pru was of course on hand to give some quotes on this dirty issue. (Do the Middy have her on speed dial? Or does Pru phone them each time she thinks of a story to get herself featured?) Anyway, Pru spoke about how dog poo "is the most disgusting form of litter on our streets" and "It is deeply unpleasant for our residents" No Pru, I can think of something even more deeply unpleasant, and that's our public toilets. You can sidestep dog poo on the street, but when you are busting for a wee or even a poo of your own, you have to use the foul facilitities that MSDC dish up for us.

In my opinion ,the Park rangers should be sent to do daily checks of our public toilets.

I would put money on it being scientifically proven that you are more likely to get ill from using poorly cleaned public toilets than from treading in a bit of poo.

I suspect that our toilets are neglected as the councillors are too busy having Civic dinners or giving quotes to the media and never have the need to use the public facilities themselves.