Friday, December 17, 2010

MSDC say we should be excited about Martlets future.

I think the council take us all for a bunch of mugs in Burgess Hill.
In their eyes we're a town where the residents have no ability to process information intelligently. The council come out with their various statements, painting a rosey picture for the town and we're to believe it.

An example is in this weeks Mid Sussex Leader.
There was a piece about the new owners of the Martlets shopping precinct. The company now in charge are NewRiver Retail.

District Councillor Gary Marsh was quoted as saying what wonderful news it is for shoppers and the people of Burgess Hill, how the council cannot wait to work with the new owners on 'further revitalising' the town centre and to be able to improve upon the current retail offering.

We've heard it all before folks. NOTHING is going to change anytime soon. Look at how well the council did when working alongside Thornfield Properties, giving residents false hope over the masterplans. Burgess Hill was going to change for the better. As for 'further revitalisation' the quality of the town centre has been in terminal decline for years. You need to START to revitalise it before you look at further revitalisation.

It's all talk and no action.

We are 5 months away from the local elections, and this is a Conservative party councillor being quoted in a local paper, falsely spreading good news in order to make the residents think that the Conservative run council are doing a fantastic job.