Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Equipment For Refuse Collectors To Be Explored

More digging on the Mid Sussex District Council website threw up this lovely bit of information from the January 19th meeting of the full council.

The wonderful 'Publicity Pru' Moore addressed her fellow councillors on the subject of the refuse collections during the snowfall in late 2010.

'The Cabinet Member for Leisure and Sustainability informed Council that during the latest extreme weather the waste and recycling service had been affected. She did not wish to give excuses, but.....'

Needless to say the excuses are long and boring, you are free to read them in the minutes from the meeting here

There was an interesting snippit of information from the report which is encouraging for the future: 'The use of snow socks for the freighters and crampons for the staff would be explored.'

About time too! But why is the use of this equipment only going to be explored? Just invest! Its pathetic that snow hits the district and everything stops, it costs the council money.

Serco themseleves are probably to blame for this one, if the council are paying for a collection service, then the company should have the right equipment to cope in all conditions.

Addressing the volume of calls from the public regarding the bin collections:
'She said that 2375 calls had been received, not all had been complaints, which was significantly less than when there was snow in January 2010 when 2727 calls had been received'

Those of you with a mathmatical brain will realise that the reduction in calls was 12.9%, how on earth is that significantly less? I asked the Burgess Hill Uncovered office cleaner for her opinion on this one and she thinks 40% or above would be classed as significantly less, certainly not 12.9%!

It seems to me like Pru Moore is taking her fellow councillors for a bunch of fools, surely they can do statistics. Why couldn't Pru just say 'There were less complaints in December compared to January"? BHU would respect Pru a little more if she were honest.