Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Clueless Councillors not acting in interest of Burgess Hill Residents

I was doing some digging on the District Council Website last night and was reading the minutes from the January 5th meeting of the Mid Sussex Better Lives Advisory Group.

In the meeting they discussed possible ideas of what can be built on the land next to the Triangle Leisure Centre. You can read the full Burgess Hill Uncovered report on the issue here

Basically, the councillors discussing what's best for the residents needs included many councillors that don't live in Burgess Hill.

Even more worring when the minutes reveal that councillors think an indoor Bowling Green, a climbing wall, indoor tennis, graffiti wall, a wave machine, BMX facility, a velodrome, an artificial skiing facility are all good ideas for the land.

How is that in the public interest? It seems like the councillors couldn't give a toss and were just suggesting things for a laugh.

Its simple, Burgess Hill is crying out for a 10 Pin Bowling Alley, modern Multiplex Cinema or an Ice Rink.

The Bowling Alley is probably the best solution as people of all ages and abilities could make use it it, including the disabled.

It's yet another example of councillors being totally out of touch with the residents whos views they are elected to represent.

The minutes also reveal that the panel would rather do nothing with the site until the future of the town centre is sorted out. Right, so that's only going to take another 5-10 years. Total disregard for the younger generation and families that need a new facility right now.