Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BHU members to join 2011 local election race?

We're just 10 weeks away from the local elections. Thursday May 5th is the date that the people of Burgess Hill will flock to the polling stations in order to seal the town's fate for another 4 years.

It promises to be a very close run affair, the most exciting ever perhaps. With big changes once again being trumpeted for the town, which party will gain control and have the most influence over developments?

Currently, the make-up of the Town Council is as follows.
Conservatives 9, Liberal Democrats 8, Independent 1.

The District Council has 53 members, consisting of....
Conservatives 31, Liberal Democrats 21, Independent 1.

As for Burgess Hill councillors on the District Council, the numbers are...
Conservatives 6, Liberal Democrats 6,

The Snub
ith the statistics pointing toward a tight election, its a huge surprise that neither the Lib Dems or the Conservatives have contacted the Burgess Hill Uncovered offices, requesting for us to consider running in the elections in order to seal their party's victory.

How to win an election in the 21st Century

Think what we can bring to the table. We have an established website, A growing Facebook page on which we can directly communicate with the locals in an instant, this very blog , and of course our creative flair for making internet videos.

It's 2011, not 1991, leaflet deliveries and harsassing the constituents on their doorstep isn't the only way to go about winning an election anymore. All avenues to gain more votes should be exploited.

The problems that the parties face (and I'm generalising here) is that most party members are OLD and don't have a clue about new media technology.

Speaking of old, why don't the local party leaders look to recruit young people in order to freshen things up? They should embrace a more modern way of thinking and ideas that may appeal to the younger generation. It seems to be the same set of councillors term after term. Are a number of these councillors now completely out of touch with today's electorate?

The Independent Route
It's tempting to enter the local political arena as a group of independents. Victory may not be achievable, but it would certainly split the vote and keep the other parties on their toes!


Christopher said...

I think you should certainly run! You could run the town superbly!