Monday, February 21, 2011

Video - Traffic Congestion On Chanctonbury Road Revealed!

So West Sussex County Council carried out a traffic survey when deciding whether to allow themselves to build the new special needs school on the same plot of land occupied by London Meed and Oakmeeds.

The public complained that Chanctonbury Road was already congested by the weekday school run and that an additional school would make matters even worse.

Clearly WSCC didn't deem the situation to be a problem as the constuction of the school is to go ahead.

We here at Burgess Hill Uncovered saw it as our public duty to drive along Chantonbury Road on Friday afternoon and film the traffic situation to once and for all prove if there is a significant problem or not.

Place your bets now.......

There's already been discussion about the video on our rapidly growing Facebook Page One member pointed out that we didn't encounter a bus. It was a shame really, as that would have been the icing on the cake for our damning video.

West Sussex County Council have made a HUGE error.

What do you think good reader?