Friday, May 06, 2011

2011 Mid Sussex District Council Election Results

After 6 whole hours from the first Ward result being revealed to the last on the MSDC website, finally we know the make-up of the Mid Sussex District Council for the next 4 years following the local elections on Thursday.

In 2007, Conservatives had 31 seats, Liberal Democrats 21, Labour 1, Independent 1.
If you are a fan of the Liberal Democrats, look away NOW!

In 2011 the results are as follows:
Conservatives - 45 seats
Liberal Democrats 8 seats
Labour 1 seat.

Words can not describe just how much the Lib Dems have screwed this up. They had so much ammo to use against the Conservatives and their 4 years of wastefulness. They didn't pull the trigger enough times and were made to pay the price. Yes their current national reputation doesn't help but at local level questions have to be asked of the main party leaders and the parliamentary candidate Serena Tierney. Where on earth was she during this election? She should have been in the papers putting the boot in. She didn't. How embarassing too that the Lib Dems couldn't even get enough candidates to stand in the wards. Was this because certain people in the Lib Dem's aren't liked and thus people don't want to stand? How much of an effort was made by the Lib Dems to recruit new candidates? How well did they utilise the various forms of social media to gain votes for the election?

The Lib Dems are one big joke, and I feel very sorry for the honest candidates that lost out on a seat because the top people in the party failed them. They not only failed their candidates, but they failed the public too.

Will we get any answers? Probably not. The top guys kept their seats, what should they care.

Oh, and thank you to the voters of Burgess Hill. Congratulations on voting in Emily White (Ansty) and Ginny Heard (Buxted) onto the District Council. I'm sure you can rely on these two Conservative Councillors to demonstrate their excellent local knowledge when you approach them with your problems if you live in either the Victoria Ward or Franklands.

Additionally, congratulations to Anne Jones, her gamble paid off, she narrowly beat out Janice Henwood to get a seat representing the Meeds Ward. I really do like Anne Jones. She's an excellent councillor.

And finally, Publicity Pru retained her seat in Leylands Ward. Will she still be on the Cabinet though? My guess is No. Whoever the council leader is will realise what a joke she is and keep her as far away from a top job as possible. She provides Burgess Hill Uncovered with too much content! Which will be a shame for us.

Now we wait for the Town Council results to be posted on the internet. But what does it matter anyway? (Result Now In:

There is a comment facility below, it would be nice if readers could use it on this sad night for local politics.


Victoria Resident said...

Far from being a bad night for local democracy it was a great day for democracy, Mid-Sussex and Burgess Hill.

You claim the Lib Dems did not 'put the boot in'. Well they certainly tried to. They winged on about the 2007 (yes four years ago) big day which lost public money. In fact those responsible were probably officers not Councillors and they have all left the authority.

They suggested that the Council was badly run when in fact it was praised by the last Audit Commission report.

They made insinuations about various senior conservatives. None of them had any basis in truth.

They complained about some Conservative candidates not living in the wards contested while fielding such candidates themselves.

They promised to oppose various 'Tory plans' for housing developement which do not exist.

At least one 'retiring' District and Town Councillor' told her ex-constituents that she was standing down to concentrate on her County Council responsibilities. Then she stood in another seat.

I could go on but frankly it would become boring.

Almost all of their leaflets just attacked their opponents and omitted to offer an alternative policy.

They did not deserve to win and the electorates of Mid Sussex clearly saw through them and voted accordingly.

Burgess Hill Webteam said...

Thank you for your lovely comment.

I still think it was a bad night for democracy!

As a website that enjoys all the controversy to come out of the council, it's going to be really rubbish for the next 4 years. Burgess Hill Uncovered needs some new moles!

A wise man said to me last night that he felt the presence of a certain woman at the top of the Lib Dem chain in Burgess Hill was to blame, including her actions regarding the special school application and the public footpath closure. A sure-fire way to get people's backs up.

The Lib Dems are a spent force locally, regardless of the national reputation.

Here's a good motto:
'If you can't join them, BEAT them'

What happens next?

Benedict White said...

How is it a bad night for democracy? The people have spoken, and said they don't like the Liberal Democrats.

What gives? Are they not entitled to do that?

If you are so dead keen, why don't you stand? Just dont for get to let us know who you are Peter.

Burgess Hill Webteam said...

Hmmmm, lets see, why didn't I stand?

I won't join the Conservatives for reasons I can't state as I'd get into much legal trouble. I've heard enough about the top people in the Burgess Hill Lib Dems to make me not want to join them either.

Not a single independent candidate or member of any party apart from the Cons or Lib Dems got on any council in Burgess Hill.

It would have been stupid to throw away good money on cupious amounts of leaflets when it can be better spent on Chocolate Brownies.

Thank you for your comment though Benedict, and be sure to keep on visiting Burgess Hill Uncovered, for as the Carpenters once sung

'We've Only Just Begun.....'

Benedict White said...

Legal trouble for joining a party?

Stand as independent or Labour. I am not sure there was much of either standing in Burgess Hill. But what ever you do, either get involved in the process or don't whinge about it...

Yes I have heard things about the Burgess Hill Liberal Democrats. One of their defeated candidates did ask me why we had not taken out Graeme Knight. I apologised for the oversight! ;)

Anonymous said...

This is my 1st visit to this site.
All this cant just confrms why blogs are such a total waste of time.
Composed by sad, self obsessed people, with nothing better to do