Wednesday, May 04, 2011

2011 Burgess Hill Local Election Predictions

Congratulations to the Conservative town council candidate Steve Hansford and the current Lib Dem town councillor Robert Eggleston. They are the only two that had the testicles to visit the Burgess Hill Uncovered offices whilst out canvassing for tomorrow's elections.

There are nine different people seeking to be elected in this ward, yet only two came to visit. The others must have looked at the names on the electoral roll and thought better of it.

It was nice of Mandy Thomas-Atkin not to bother. In 2007 when she canvassed, she said "Vote for us, I promise we won't disappear after the elections" Guess what readers, she got elected and duly disappeared. I won't be making the mistake of voting for her again. I hope that her husband misses out too. He strikes me as someone that thinks he's on a higher level than everyone else. Let's get some more real people elected this time shall we, oh, and make them LOCAL people too, not like Emily White, who Burgess Hill Uncovered have done their little bit to let people know not to vote for her at all. You can read our page with the aim to lose her some votes here

Publicity Pru Moore Vs Simon Hicks
The highlight of the election for Burgess Hill Uncovered is the prospect of seeing Pru Moore losing her place on the MSDC Cabinet as she is up against our favourite councillor Mr Simon Hicks! You may have noticed Simon leaving comments on this blog now and again. He is of course a blogger himself which means everyone in the Leylands Ward should be out in record numbers tomorrow to ensure Publicty Pru is defeated, but how will the Mid Sussex Times cope without her? They'll have lots of column inches available that were previously set aside for Pru's photos and stupid quotes!

I hope that the Lib Dem Leylands Ward team have been campaigning hard, it would be a fantastic victory if they can pull it off. 2007 results show it's a ward with similar number of supporters for both parties so anything is possible.

If there is a victory party taking place, hopefully Burgess Hill Uncovered are on the guestlist. Afterall we have written on our Facebook Page that voters should snub Publicity Pru in favour of Simon. Every little helps!

Election Result Predictions

For Burgess Hill Town Council I think that the Lib Dems are in with a sniff of getting a majority, despite having a lack of candidates in some wards. In the Dunstall and Franklands' Wards they are only putting up one candidate in each against a full quota of Conservatives. Let it be known however that the Conservatives also failed to gain full representation in every ward, they are short of candidates in the Leylands and St Andrews wards.

The parties had their chance to recruit the Burgess Hill Uncovered team to stand as candidates but we weren't wanted, very odd. It could only be that the local party leaders feared that us renegades would come in and ended up running the show!

Having looked over the candidates and reviewed the voting of 2007. I believe that it will end up being 9 seats each. However, independent candidate Tony Balsdon could scupper things depending on how hard he's worked to win votes again this year. If Tony does win a seat, I think it will be at the expense of a Liberal Democrat which would result in the numbers being exactly the same as they were in 2007!

As for the Mid Sussex Distict Council elections, I can't see anything other than a Conservative victory, and they'll probably increase on the 31 seats won in 2007.

It's going to be another grim 4 years of Gary Wall and his chums running the area as they see fit with his cosy cabinet making all the decisions which makes a mockery of democracy!

Finally, Anne Jones
When Anne Jones defected to the Conservatives I said that it was political suicide. In 2007 she was elected as a Lib Dem candidate in the Leylands Ward. Residents in this area are split between the two parties. However, for 2011, Anne is standing for election in the Meeds Ward. The people here are major Lib Dem voters. Will Anne's reputation and her work in campaigning against the special needs school be enough for voters to look past that she's a Conservative candidate? I'm not so sure as Janice Henwood has also come across from St Andrews Ward and she also worked hard against the plans for the special school and she's standing for the Lib Dems, and I can't see Kathleen Dumbovic missing out.

Bye Bye Anne?


Neil Lawrence said...

Of course, if you guys had formed your OWN party, I'd never have joined the Tories...!