Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Brewers Arms - Pubs In Burgess Hill

The Brewers Arms, located on London Road in Burgess Hill  is a child and dog-friendly pub complete with garden and covered decking area. 

Parking spaces aren't an issue as there's a FREE  large retail car park on the opposite site of the road

Burgess Hill Pub

What's Behind The Bar 

The well-stocked bar has a range of beers, ales and spirits. All the traditional bar snacks are available, including Twiglets :-) 

Live Sport 
The Brewers Arms show both Sky Sports and BT Sport.  With two large-screen televisions available, a clash of sporting events isn't an issue here. Certain boxing pay-per-view events are shown throughout the year too.

The pub is equipped with a dart board, bar billiards table, fruit and quiz machines. A dedicated pool room, containing two tables, can be found at the bottom of the pub garden.

Live Music 
Musical entertainment comes in the form of a open-mic night every Tuesday evening. Live bands are booked to perform on select Saturdays during the year. The touch-screen jukebox is very popular and helps to fill any musical void.

Why Visit? 
So if you're seeking a venue for entertainment and activities and not somewhere crowded with tables and food service, then give the Brewers Arms a look. 

Address: 251 London Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 9QUTelephone: 01444 870 481

For more information on pubs in Burgess Hill, visit:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What is #NETSENSE ?

#Netsense is a hashtag that has no results in Google. This made the people of Netsense really sad, so they put out a challenge to see who could get #Netsense ranked into the number one position on Google by 31st October 2013. Naturally any sort of internet challenge is going to be accepted by Burgess Hill Uncovered, especially when the company in question are Burgess Hill based.

Mentioning #Netsense in bold will help the chances of getting to number 1, #Netsense underlined too, and how about a lovely   H1 tag....


Google loves a little bit of H1 action, they also like a scattering of H2 and H3 tags.....

#Netsense is good for you

#Netsense is something that many mothers do not have!

That should do the trick. Oh, #Netsense are an IT Support Company, offering support to businesses in Sussex and beyond

Number #1 in Google for #netsense, here we come!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Scott McCarthy Enters Burgess Hill and Hassocks Election Race

Hello Readers.

Exciting news. There is an independent candidate running in the  Hassocks and Victoria division for the West Sussex County Council Elections.

His name is Scott McCarthy a.k.a 'that chap from the Burgess Hill Pub Guide videos'.

On May 2nd 2013 you can vote for him to represent the people and not a political party on the County Council.

We of course are trendsetters here at Burgess Hill Uncovered, so rather than leaflets, we've made an election VIDEO....

WHEN Scott wins the election, the people and Burgess Hill Uncovered will benefit.

Make sure you exercise your right to vote on Thursday May 2nd and vote for Scott McCarthy!

For more details on Scott's campaign, visit:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Meeds North By-Election 2012

Exciting times in Burgess Hill for there is to be a By-Election for the 'Meeds North' Ward on Thursday 10th May 2012 - this is because sitting councillor Neil Lawrence had to resign due to a work relocation.

Meeds North was a new Ward introduced for the first time in 2011.
Due to an administrative cock-up last May, residents had to vote at a later date to decide their councillor with the Conservative candidate Neil Lawrence defeating the Lib Dem's Lesley Cartwright by 179 votes to 138.

Only 20.1% of the 1532 eligible people turned out to vote, this may have been because they couldn't be bothered to walk to the polling station twice in quick succession, however if there is a similarly low turn out next month then it could be a right old scrap with every vote being vital.

Last week the candidates were announced, rather surprisingly, there are 7 of them vying for a seat on the council where they will get to sit alongside the likes of Publicity Pru Moore and Ansty's Emily White.

The seven are....
Conservative Party - Dan Airs
Green Party Anne Eves
Independent - John Bray (Author:A Persistent Campaigner Against Injustice)
Independent - Tom O’Hara
Labour Party - Janet Smith
Liberal Democrat - Kathleen Willis
UK Independence Party - Chris French

A few early observations.
Dan Airs was a LIB DEM candidate fighting for a seat in the Victoria Ward last year, he lost. Is this a case of 'If you can't beat them, join them'? Is he really a genuine supporter of the Conservatives or just a realist that knows the voters choose the party and not the person?

Kathy Willis was a defeated Lib Dem Candidate in the Victoria Ward in 2011. Will the Lib Dem's even worse reputation hinder her?

John Bray lives in Haywards Heath! It could end up being another Emily White saga, although his byline of 'A Persistent Campaigner Against Injustice' seems there could be an interesting reason for his nomination.

Not much is known about Anne Eves, Janet Smith and Tom O'Hara so no comment can be given although O'Hara has served as a councillor before (not sure for which party)

Finally we come to UKIP's Chris French, what's so notable about him? He's the only candidate living in the Meeds North Ward! AND he has a Twitter account @chris_french although that must be some sort of a mistake. Traditionally, elected councillors disappear off the face of the earth. Having a Twitter account is just plain wrong and that will have to go if Mr French is elected!

Who Will Win?

With so many minor candidates, the voters disillusioned with the Conservatives and the Lib Dems will find their votes split between the other 5, meaning that a Conservative victory is most likely, especially considering the previous sitting councillor was a member of the Conservatives. However, if either Bray, Eves, French, O'Hara or Smith put together a stonking campaign, there could be chance for an upset.

*****Coming Soon*******
We'll be analysing the candidate's election literature
(more like tearing it to shreds!)

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Burgess Hill Audio Blogging - On A Bike!

Hello Readers

In this blog entry I'd like to share with you something quite awesome that was recorded by a Burgess Hill lady of whom I am currently stalking on Twitter. Her name is Patricia Rykiel, or @ComputerTweety for those of you already on the microblogging website.

Anyway, @ComputerTweety also uses a service called audioboo and decided to record a trip to Burgess Hill Town centre where she needed to pick up some bits from Waitrose. What made the recording even more novel was for the fact she was doing it whilst riding a bike (Women and their multi-tasking!)

Using a bit of magic I can embed her recording right onto the blog page, it should appear below, have a listen.

Bike Boo, Popping to the Shops in Burgess Hill, UK (mp3)

A bit of a random thing to be sharing with you, but that's the sort of stuff you come across on Twitter. Don't forget, Burgess Hill Uncovered are on Twitter. Follow the account @burgesshillnews you'll find the best Burgess Hill Tweets retweeted by the account and some original ones too. A nice community of Burgess Hill locals is growing steadily. Soon enough there will be enough of us to take over the town.

That is all for now, more updates over the weekend, thats a promise!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Publicity Pru Strikes Again

You just can't keep a media whore down. Once again Pru Moore has struck. This time in a VIDEO!

The Mid Sussex Times tweeted a link to the video along with a report about how Bedelands Nature Reserve have revived a dipping-pond after using a digger and a dumpster to remove lots of silt, dead leaves and other muck. It is unfortunate that the excitement of seeing a video feature on the Mid Sussex Times website was ruined with seeing Pru Moore's face before even clicking the play button. If you really feel the need to watch the video, then click here --
Video: Wildlife gets boost at Burgess Hill Beauty Spot

I'm sure you readers are very thankful for this latest Publicity Pru update.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Tesco Expansion Turned Down, More Retail Units To Come?

During a chaotic December, you may have missed the news that Tesco have officially withdrawn their application to extend their store by 50%. This followed a report which indicated that Tesco's plans would likely have a detrimental impact on Burgess Hill Town Centre.

The cynics among us may think it could be more a case of New River Retail and MSDC being told by Sainsbury that they won't come to Burgess Hill Town Centre if they have to compete with an even bigger Tesco. Thus a report is produced to essentially tell Tesco NO! A good 18 months after the plans were first revealed.

A week later the local newspapers reported that developers Location 3 Properties have "Entered into conditional contracts to acquire the freehold and long leasehold interests on a site fronting Jane Murray Way, in Burgess Hill.

Two major retails have been penciled in to occupy the 55,000 sq ft space with Location 3 properties claiming to have submitted a planning application to Mid Sussex District Council in November 2011. A browse through the MSDC planning portal website however shows no search results for the application. If an application has been submitted and gets approval, around 100 new jobs would be created.

It seems a DIY store is a certainty to be built, along with hopefully a good electrial superstore. If not, a Toys 'R' Us would go down a treat!

In your author's humble opinion, all of this seems very convenient with the timings, Tesco doesn't get its extension which would have included a bigger offering of electrial items, and then a week later a company announces that it will be bringing in some retail units essentially next door, which could very well include electricals. Hmmmmmm.

What do you think readers?