Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Burgess Hill Town Centre In Terminal Decline

Since the Waitrose car park went over to the dark side, you have no option but to pay the expensive car parking charges set by Mid Sussex District Council.

With the council also looking to introduce controlled parking zones in and around the town, you can forget about parking in the side roads.

What affect is this having on the town centre at the moment and how much worse will it get?

Here's a video highlighting just how dire the town centre is right now. Are the parking charges really to blame?

A rather good video I thought, I'm almost sad that I didn't make it myself.


Anonymous said...

Burgess Hill is like a ghost town, forgotten and unloved. Shops are closing every week with nothing to replace them, remember Dockrells one of the oldest shops in the town, could not compete with the larger stores, maybe people think its progress, to me it is sad, at least with the smaller shops you had personal service. As for people having to pay to park outside their own homes, these people should stand together and say 'NO'.Its about time the public stood up to these so called bureaucrats, enough is enough, come on Burgess Hill dont take this nonsense

wingmoreroad said...

Hi Glad you see the message,a stroll through town ,nobody about ,(not even the western Road Brighton patrols,they where probably hiding looking at the car park cameras for anyone whom may have forgot to get a ticket(NO REMINDERS)but then Bingo another £40/80 in the bin!!Waitrose Car Park is controlled by a sucurity firm from Bighton the rest are Mid- sussexDC,Oh and well said Kathleen.