Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Please don't abolish the district council!

So a lady by the name of Barbara Woods has told the Mid Sussex Times that she thinks Mid Sussex District Council should be axed and all power handed over to town and parish councils.

Barbara thinks this is a good idea because it 'could' save money. 'Could' is not the same as 'will' in my book.

Ms Woods is a market research data analyst and may well have some valid insight, but to Burgess Hill Uncovered she is an ENEMY!

If she starts spreading her ideas far and wide and gets the right people listening, then Mid Sussex District Council could very well disappear. If that happens then she'd be killing off a good proportion of the BHU blog that you readers love so much. I'd be forced to report on Strawberry Tea Dances and the latest recitals at the Burgess Hill Keyboard club.

The District Council has to remain at all costs (just not the sort of £300k Big Culture Show costs)!


Anonymous said...

Ms Woods is a failed council candidate who clearly hasn't analysed the issues before making her comments!

Anonymous said...

Ms Wood may be correct in her analysis but is totally compromised by coming from that other town, Haywards Heath, is that the name, believed to be located somewhere in Mid Sussex.